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Direct Mail for Physician’s and their practice

In any medical profession, keeping up with your patients is probably a challenge – sending reminders, being personable with a birthday card, and not wasting your staff’s time. The Big Mail Project can automate your appointment reminders and birthday cards saving you and your staff time.

We’re going to break down, quickly how you can mitigate these challenges with direct mail to save you time and see direct results from your campaigns.

Brainstorming for Medical Professionals

We’ve put together this short video that highlights the various ways that you can automate parts of your business for your practice. Generally, this is applicable for the medical industry, but could stem ideas for other industries as well.


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Staying Compliant

A concern with being HIPPA compliant for mail can be a concern among Medical Professionals who are sending out mail. When you use The Big Mail Project, for marketing purposes, you are not breaking any rules with sharing information. The data you store is not tied to any medical records and you are not storing or sending sensitive material to your patients.


If you are interested in sending HIPPA compliant mail, please let us know by sending us an email.


Trigger Dates

Trigger dates is a wonderful tool baked into The Big Mail Project to help you schedule mailer messages that are on time. Depending on your case scenario, these direct mail campaigns are scheduled to automatically go out and get to their destination on time.


Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards are a simple method that you can set up and send a personalized message to your customers. This date can be unique to each of your customers and not personally related back to them. 


As far as formats – the most cost effective method is a postcard. Sending postcards provide you with the easiest method to customize via merge tags and also creative so you’re not locked into a standard template, but something that’s closely related to your business. 


The most impactful format we have is Handwritten Cards. In the application you can select from various formats and choose what card is best appropriate for your occasion. Select which handwriting style you’d like, whether you’re wanting something more feminine or for it to look like chicken scratch. Insert your merge tags to customize your message and click go.


Check out our resources to download our guidelines so no matter if you’re a PowerPoint whiz or contracted designer, you have all of the tools at your fingertips.


Appointment Reminders

Getting your customers back into the office can be challenging. Email is a great tool, but we’ve become inundated with email that getting the attention of your customers can be one of the biggest challenges.


Since the delivery of email has become the primary source of notifications, there has been a gap in mailers being sent. This gap can help you capitalize on your audience’s attention and get them to return for your services. See what other professionals are sending by reviewing other case studies.


Manage customized messages with our merge tag capabilities, read more about that here.


Save time with automation

On average the amount of time that’s required to set up and automate a campaign is about 15min. The last office that we spoke with spends about 3-4 hours a month, compiling data, printing, folding and addressing campaigns for their appointment reminders. Using The Big Mail Project, you save upwards of 80-95% of that time on a monthly basis.


Get a sample or free demonstration:

We’re not just another marketing tool. We stand by our system and what it’s capable of achieving for you and your practice.

Get a free handwritten card sample by sending us an email or filling out the pop up (which you may have already closed).

Get a free demonstration. Our demonstrations usually last 15-20min. We like to talk specifically to your campaign needs and show you how the best way to send your mail. It’s quick and painless.

Want to poke around? It’s free to create an account and look at what we have to offer. Register here and send your first handwritten card, on us. We’d love to hear how it went.