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Postcard printing & mailing services for businesses and individuals

With our postcard printing and mailing service, you can easily create and send your postcards from anywhere in the world. Leave the printing, addressing, and the stamping to us.

Whether you want to send postcard greetings to a far away friend, a postcard to your relatives or contact your clients / employees with a special touch, The Big Mail Project merges old school messaging with new school tech, offering you the postcard printing and mailing service inclusively at an affordable price.

Postcard Mailing Services

Looking for the best online postcard printing service? Welcome to the snail mail revolution! We’ve made it easier than ever for you to send direct mail. Never address or go to the post office again.

Our Mission is simple: To make sending mail, just as easy as email.

Here’s a quick overview of how our postcard print and mail service works.

  1. Add your recipients
  2. Upload your design / choose from one of our templates
  3. Send

It’s that easy!

Mail will go directly to print and get addressed, stamped, and delivered. That’s what makes The Big Mail Project one of the best postcard mailing services for your needs.

Custom Postcard Printing & Mailing Services for Businesses

Many businesses already choose The Big Mail Project to stay on top of their customers, prospects and employees. The Big Mail Project allows you to automate your mail and never miss an important date, making a lasting impression with a custom postcard for the occasion. Create an automated mailing campaign such as:

  • Notify your recipients about recurring services
  • Wish them a happy birthday
  • Send a rewards campaign
  • Create a recurring rewards campaign to drive traffic into your restaurant
  • Automate your fundraising letters or send thank you cards to contributors
  • Send out quarterly or monthly service reminders to engage your customers

The possibilities are endless, and at such an affordable price it makes it a very effective method to strengthen your relationship with customers, clients, employees and guests, which can lead to a new sale or conversion without the acquisition cost, thus increasing the LTV.

Don’t just take our word for it: