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Big Mail features that merge technology with old school messaging.

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Postcard Formats

Send greetings from wherever you go. Postcards are fun and tangible mementos to share with family and friends. Simplified direct mail services allow you to snap a picture with your phone, then put it on a postcard and send away.

4x6 Inch Postcards

  • Full Color
  • Standard Mail
  • Full Bleed

Great for sending quick hellos, invitations, large quantities or abroad sending pictures home.

6x9 Inch Postcards

  • Full Color
  • First Class or Standard Mail
  • Full Bleed

Great for sending announcements, invitations, holiday cards, service discounts or self-promos.

6x1 Inch Postcards

  • Full Color
  • Standard Mail
  • Full Bleed

Great for marketing mailers to communicate sales, discounts, services or political mailers.


Letter Formats

First you had to write the letter. Then you had to print, fold, address, stamp and deliver the letter. Each and every one. Not anymore. The Big Mail Project does all of that for you, inclusively.

Color Letters

  • Full Color
  • First Class or Standard Mail
  • 8.5×11 trifold
  • Front & back

Great for sending eye-catching campaigns, discounts, promotions, and company updates.

Black & White Letters

  • Black & White
  • First Class or Standard Mail
  • 8.5×11 trifold
  • Front & back

Great for sending more informative transactional mail that show importance.

Handwritten Letters

  • Multiple Colors
  • Variety of formats
  • Choose your preferred handwriting style

Handwritten letters are great for making an impact and being authentic. These letters will for sure break you through the stack of mail.

Big Mail Technology

Technology driven direct mail

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As you import contacts, sort them into specific groups. Our Recipient Management System takes all of the work out of ensuring people get the right communications—and also ensuring no one receives the wrong letter.

Address Verification

Powerful direct mail services help you understand the destination, know your mail will get there. When uploading recipients, verify your addresses to ensure your mail is sent to a real location.

Content Library

Whether you prefer your own images and content or you’re more comfortable using our stock photography library, keep all of your favorites organized in a single location.


Do you have trouble putting blind faith in others? We have you covered. The Big Mail Project enables you to check and track your mail’s status through production and delivery.

Data Merging

Seamlessly flow variable content like fun or relevant facts into your letters with data merging—a process that allows you to match differing information to different contacts.

Image editing

Upload your photographs and edit your images to fit our templates. You don’t have to be a photoshop savant to send beautiful mail.