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Custom postcards for business

Custom postcards are a great way to promote your business or company culture. Custom postcards, along with our personalized handwritten cards, are a unique way to make your message stand out and generate a connection with the recipient.

How can our custom postcards help your business?

We’ve made it easier than ever to send mail with custom postcards and personalized handwritten cards: The Big Mail Project can automate your mailing campaigns, so you can focus on growing your business while staying on top of communications with your clients.

You can create custom postcards that reflect your branding and company values. The possibilities are endless, and the value and connection you generate with them is up to your imagination.

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Custom postcard mailing service Ideas


Send a custom postcard to your guests after a stay in your hotel/resort offering a discount for their next visit


Generate an automated mailing campaign to send birthday cards to your guests


Increase your online reviews sending a custom postcard with a QR code and a discount

Real Estate

  • New real estate agent custom postcard
  • “Thinking of selling your home?” custom postcards 
  • “Just listed/expired real estate” postcards


  • Recurring rewards campaign to drive traffic into your restaurant
  • Generate an automated mailing campaign to send birthday cards to your customers
  • Send your new menu with a personal touch to your recurring customers

E-Commerce / Stores

  • Send a custom postcard to first buyers to increase brand loyalty
  • Send a custom birthday card to recurring customers who continue to buy from you
  • Share your new catalog or arrivals with your client base
  • Send out quarterly or monthly service reminders to engage your customers.

Non-profit organizations

  • Automate your fundraising letters to increase awareness
  • Send custom thank you cards to contributors

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