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Online real estate mailer application

Use our CRM to manage addresses and send real estate mailers effortlessly

Our revolution powers your real estate mailers.

The Big Mail Project: Snail Mail Revolution

The Big Mail Project is an online application that helps you send mail effortlessly without having to go to the post office, or working with a printer. Accompany your digital marketing with physical mail and get started today.

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Automation vs. Traditional

Traditional mail allows you to send out mail in mass quantities for a lower cost per piece. Automated mail delivery allows you to schedule your mail for future delivery without having to worry about it.

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SVN | Investment Sales Group


SVN | Investment Sales Group is a commercial multi-family focused real estate brokerage. SVN regularly updates its prospective clients with their success and opportunities. This is one of many formats that allows SVN to communicate in addition to their digital marketing.

Campaign Details

Format: 8.5×11 Color Letter
Campaign Type: Traditional
Length: Monthly Recurring
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
# of Recipients: 3,000+

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The Big Mail Project is all-inclusive when it comes to real estate mail. We have several formats and these are the introductory prices for 1 real estate mailer.

Campaign Details

4×6 Postcard: $0.99
6×9 Postcard: $1.75
6×11 Postcard: $1.85
8.5 x 11 Color Letter: $2.00
8.5 x 11 Black & White Letter: $1.50

Sending large quantities on a regular basis? Reach out to our support team for information about The Big Mail Project Enterprise solution.

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What’s Included

When you start your own Big Mail Project, we do everything for you to successfully send your mail. After you click submit and depending on your format we:

  • Print (ink & stock included)
  • Fold & stuff
  • Address
  • Put in the mail
  • Track your letters or postcards

If you have a question or idea, let us know. We’d be more than happy to help you start Your Big Mail Project.

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Bonick Acquisitions

Investment real-estate isn’t easy, there’s plenty of competition. Bonick Acquisitions sends their mailers with clear intent to convert on purchasing homes. Their custom design helps break through the clutter and create awareness.

Campaign Details

Format: 4×6 Postcard
Campaign Type: Traditional
Length: Monthly
Industry: Real Estate Investment
# of Recipients: 6,000+

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Start Your Big Mail Project Today

We’re excited you’re interested in joining the Snail Mail Revolution. We can’t wait to see what you send. Get started by creating a free account.

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Need help creating beautiful mail?

The Big Mail Project has partnered with COWTS Design Studio to assist in creating beautiful mailers. Contact COWTS for your design needs or use our free resources to create your real estate mailer.

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Start Your Big Mail Project Today

If you’re sending large quantities or on a regular basis contact us for more information about Big Mail Enterprise. We look forward to hearing about your ideas and getting Your Big Mail Project started.