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Postcard and Letter Pricing

Pay as you go. Send as little or as much mail as you like.

Simple Pricing

Seriously, it’s pay as you go. Each cost is all inclusive for the printing, postage, addressing, folding & stuffing. Standard postage is included in the pricing. Inquire for faster delivery by contacting us.

4x6 Postcard

Full Color


6x9 Postcard

Full Color


6x11 Postcard

Full Color


Black & White Letters

Black & white


Color Letters

Full Color


Handwritten Letters



Extra Services

Additional cost per page for black & white letters.
Additional cost per page for color letters.
Verify Addresses Uploaded
$0.15/single envelope
Return envelope and perforated letter.

Big Mail Enterprise

Are you consistently sending large quantities of mail? Are you interested in reselling mail or sending on behalf of another client? Then The Big Mail Project Enterprise Solution may be a fit for you. Contact us to find out more about enterprise direct mail pricing.

How it works

The Big Mail Project Enterprise provides a unique access point for clients who are sending large quantities of mail, consistently.


Enterprise clients get a lower cost per piece for their direct mail quantity they are needing to deliver.

Who it’s for

Clients wanting to commit to sending mail on a monthly basis. Whether you're in marketing or in operations.


Gain insights into your direct mail and have the ability to work with our support team via the phone.