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Direct mail isn’t dead, it’s very much alive.

Let’s chat about direct mail.

printed matter (such as circulars) prepared for soliciting business or contributions and mailed directly to individuals

That’s right. Snail Mail.

We’re trying to bring back mail in a big new way.

One of the challenges that we face, debunking the myth that direct mail fails.

The most common myth – people just throw it away.

Yes, that’s true, people do throw away direct mail. But, people delete emails WAYYYY faster.

On average, 82% of mail is opened & viewed. (This stat usually makes some people very angry)

According to the USPS, 69% of people think direct mail is more personal than the Internet.

Mail evokes emotion with the recipient of the mailer. Something tangible creates a lasting and longer impression than digital counterparts.

“Not only does your marketing piece get immediately into the hands of consumers – it gets immediately into the hands of consumers who are eager to see what’s in their Mail. No other media channel can provide such a remarkable opportunity to get your message noticed. “

–Pitney Bowes & USPS 

The next time you’re chatting with  someone about mail, you can leverage these statistics.

So, contrary to popular belief – direct mail isn’t dead.



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