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Why you want to add mail to your marketing


We’ve reached a tipping point in marketing. Email, still a powerful tool, has consumed our inboxes. Then analytics and paid advertising took the forefront of marketing, now it’s texting.


We’re to the point where flip phones are making a comeback due to their in-connectivity.


This push into digital has left a wide open gap in an old-school method of marketing. Mail. Technology has improved and made it easier than ever for you to personalize mail and get it to them faster than ever.


Here are the top 3 reasons you’ll want to leverage mail in your marketing campaigns:

  1. Direct mail is tangible. Your customers/prospects are going to be able to physically touch your brand and make a connection at a tangible level.
  2. Mail is personable: Mail has the same features that email does. You’re able to leverage the sender information and make a deeper impact on your customer base.
  3. Mail is cost effective: Pricing and processes have decreased the costs of sending mail. Most of the time, the most expensive portion of mail is the postage, but everything else about sending mail has come down dramatically.


These are three main reasons why you’ll want to leverage mail to help make a larger impact in your marketing.

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