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<NAME>, don’t write your cards by hand.

That was intentional. Merge tags allow you to customize your mailers. Add <NAME> to your campaign and the data is merged into your mail.


Writing personal cards is the best thing that you can do to get your customer’s attention. Unfortunately, that is a highly time consuming process.


The Big Mail Project leverages Merge Tags to streamline the process of personalizing your mail. These cards are authentic and definitely geared to make the difference/personal touch.


What you do:

First:  Write your message, here’s a good example:


Dear <First_Name>,

Thank you for coming to my wedding, I appreciate it. Katy and I had an amazing time the entire day and you made it that more special.

I hope you’re well and sorry for the delayed response!


Justin Farrell


Second: Select your template. Big Mail offers a wide variety of templates for any occasion.

Third: Click send.


Your mail gets written, merged stuffed, addressed and delivered to your recipient!


On average, our customers save upwards of 80-90% of the time using Big Mail. Additionally, our customers have seen upwards of 300% of ROI for their mailers being sent.


It’s amazing how simple mail has become.


Leverage The Big Mail Project for your marketing. Give it a test with our handwritten cards and we’ll refund your first direct mailer.


Start Your Big Mail Project by creating your free account.