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<NAME>, your appointment is in 3 days.


You’ve probably received a letter or notice that you have an upcoming appointment or a simple reminder about your check up.

Primary care physicians can leverage the features of The Big Mail Project to streamline notifications to their patients.


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This video breaks down one case study where:

  1. The physician sending the letter hand folded their letters
  2. The physician hand addressed the letter
  3. And didn’t personalize the letter to the patient.


The Big Mail Project can help physicians decrease the amount of time spent on sending notifications with automated processes built into The Big Mail Project.

Here’s how The Big Mail Project can save physicians time and money.

  1. Big Mail automatically folds and stuffs each letter being sent, so there’s no need to do that by hand.
  2. Whether it’s a standard letter or a handwritten card, The Big Mail Project addresses all of your outgoing mail, saving you time and future arthritic problems.
  3. Big Mail can personalize all of your mail so that you make a bigger impact on your recipient at a deeper level.


These are all features and benefits that are included in The Big Mail Project when you’re using the application.


Create a free account today and start sending mail. Your first handwritten card is on us, send it to your parents, customer or yourself so you know what quality you’re receiving.