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Don’t fall into these 3 traps when sending mail.

There are several hesitations when people want to send mail, but aren’t sure about completing a campaign. We’ve put together these three watch outs to help you succeed with direct mail.

Clearly Communicate

Have you ever picked up a mailer and there are a thousand speech bubbles, 3 different phone numbers & 2 websites on it?? It’s very frustrating and a major turn off to the product/service. A simple hierarchy needs to be set up so that you’re not losing your audience in what you’re communicating. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Interesting headline to capture attention
  2. Sub information to explain what your intending to communicate
  3. Clear call to action


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Set Up Tracking

If you’re investing in Mail, you’ll want to do one of these two things: Track Phone calls or Website Landing Page. 

Phone calls is a simpler method to track you direct mail campaign, when people call that’s a positive. 

Website’s are a bit trickier, at a bare minimum, setting up a simple/unique landing page or URL redirect is the best way to go. When someone hits a landing page (ex. bigmailproject.com/register) you have that tracked and it redirects to another page. This is tracked through Google Analytics (there are several other ways, but this is the most common).


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Use the Right Format

Mail is a longer game to play. You may need to test formats so that you know what triggers your audience the best. If you’re targeting a large audience a postcard is probably best. If you’re looking for donations use a letter with a return envelope. If you’re automating birthday cards, use handwritten cards for that personal approach.

This is a lot of information. Understandable. If you’re looking to start a campaign but unsure where to start, contact us today for insights on how to leverage your campaign.