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Understanding your ROI for direct mail is important.

With email, you automatically get results for open rate, click rate and if there are even any forwards. These are all baked into most email programs.

Direct mail tracking is a bit trickier, but you can easily set up your own tracking methods for your direct mail campaigns.

Create your Big Mail Campaign:

Create a free account online to automatically upload and send your direct mail campaign. This is where you’re going to need to decide whether you want to track your results by phone, digital or by both methods.


Include a clear call to action that states what you want people to do.


Using a Phone Number:

Tracking by a phone number is simple. Setting it up depends on how you’re wanting to do this by buying a business line or if you’re wanting to put your personal line on the mailer. If you’re wanting to purchase a number to protect yours simple services are Google Voice or Grasshopper. They have simple tools that can redirect to your business or personal line if desired.

Simply put the number you want on the mailer. When that number is called you get a positive result on your campaign.


Using Digital Analytics:

Using digital platforms to track ROI can be a little bit more difficult to set up if you’re not a digital person. Here are some ways that you can measure the results of your mailer campaign. First we would recommend that you have Google Analytics set up in your website. Second, set up a simple URL redirect. Example https://website123.com/promo-50. On your admin side of your website, set this to redirect to your currently developed page. The end result would be Google Analytics is triggered to show that people interacting with the URL.

A second method for tracking results, add a contact form on your website. This is going to track direct results as these people are highly motivated and most likely to convert to your service or product.

These are the two simplest and effective methods to analyzing and tracking results for your mailer campaign.

The Big Mail Project can help you with any of these methods/tools to help you better understand your mailer campaign’s performance.